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Involved in the world of education to educate the nation’s children through representatives of hotel subsidiaries at the “Inaugural Lecture for IP Trisakti New Students Highlighting the Resurrection of Post-Pandemic Indonesian Tourism” with the theme “Tourism and Creative Economy Outlook 2024-2025” and presenting the keynote speaker, President Director of PT Hotel Properti Internasional

KOMPAS.com – After the global Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry is starting to revive, including the education sector as a provider of supporting human resources. This year the Trisakti Tourism Institute accepted 436 new students (new students), exceeding the target set at 350 students. Not only that, apart from the selected study programs as in previous years, such as hospitality, then tourism and travel, this year the Trisakti Tourism Institute (IP Trisakti) opened two new study programs, namely entrepreneurship and digital business, each of which accepted 20 students. “The increase is indeed “It’s not too big, but it’s something to be grateful for. Because currently competition between campuses for tourism and hospitality study programs is quite tight,” said the Chancellor of IP Trisakti, Fetty Asmaniati when opening the First Lecture at the IP Trisakti Campus, Jakarta, Monday (2/10/23 ). The inaugural lecture for IP Trisakti 2023/2024 freshmen raised the theme “Tourism and Creative Economy Outlook 2024-2025” and presented the keynote speaker, President Director of PT Hotel Properti Internasional, Braja Eka Sukma. Braja Eka Sukma said that this is one indication of the revival of tourism in Indonesia This can be seen from the increase in occupancy in three and four star hotels. “In three and four star hotels, currently the occupancy rate is above 60 percent on weekdays and 90 percent on weekends. “This can be seen in many cities,” explained Braja. “Especially Bali, where traffic is already jammed here and there. “If it’s a five-star hotel, I don’t project it, because it’s small and only targets certain groups,” said Braja.

Braja also said that five regions in Indonesia have opportunities for tourism growth, namely West Nusa Tenggara, East Kalimantan, Riau Islands, Bali and West Kalimantan.



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