PT Intikeramik Alamasri Industri Tbk (IKAI) originaly was Manufacture Company to produce Homogeneous Tile (porcelain tile) with the trademark “Essenza” and began operating commercially in May 1993.

In Indonesia , Essenza is known as the pioneer of Homogenous Tile, with best quality and trusted brand, where Essenza is frequently appreciated by the public with various awards such as Forbes 2015 – 20 Rising Global Stars, 2014 Superbrands, SWA Top 250 Original Indonesia Brands, 2013 iDea Rumah, Readeers Choice Awards, 2009 Businessweek-Frontier Indonesia Most Admired Companies, 2007 Primaniyarta Awards.

In 2017, PT Intikeramik Alamasri Industri Tbk, was present with new management who have professional human resources in their respective fields. Currently, manufacturing production are managed by a subsidiary PT Internusa Keramik Alamasri (INKA).

To support the ceramic (porcelain tile) business industry, IKAI’s management considering their needs to develop business outside of manufacturing, but still have a linkages and synergy with the ceramic/ tile industry which is the beginning of the Company’s business. IKAI is developing business in the hotel property sector, along with the development of tourism and infrastructure businesses in Indonesia.

IKAI estimates the property industry will grow in line with Government policies that support the industry such as relaxing Loan to Value (LTV), lowering mortgage rates, lowering the Property Sales Income Tax rates, tax amnesty and accelerating infrastructure development. Therefore, IKAI take corporate action on 2018 to enlarge its business assets and has acquired five property companies in the hotel sector, they are PT Realindo Sapta Optima (RSO) located in Ubud, PT Mahkota Artha Mas (MAM) located in Ubud, PT Mahkota Properti Indo Medan (MPIM) is located in Medan, PT Hotel Properti Internasional (HPI) is located in Bogor and PT Saka Mitra Sejati (SMS) is located in Medan.